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Stuff that comes out me head

Bearded Impaled

I had a beard

So i grew a beard for a while and was about to shave it off when i got a message that i could breathe fire for a tv show. In the interim i performed at Club Cafe for folks who knew my music well but had never seen my clown act. I feel a bit bad for Casey. She really wasn’t prepared for it. Even if (or especially if) you’ve seen it before, you’ll get a kick out of this.

South Park “Creme Fraiche”

Our company created the voice that was used for Sharon’s “new interest” in this episode. It’s pretty damn funny, and i am thoroughly pleased to have had worked on a voice that appeared on South Park. In addition to our “traditional voices” we also have a wide variety of “character voices” that you can check out at One of my favorites is French Fry. Let me know if you have any interest in using our text-to-speech voices for your project.

The power of idiots to ruin a democracy grows proportionally to your apathy. Get off your ass and do your part to counter dipshits. Junior still can’t drive. And he’s gotten in the way of trying to fix the car at every turn. If you vote Democrat, you may just keep him from getting the keys back. (Or close enough to the wheel to fuck shit up) >

Yes, here is the new location for all things impaled or even slightly associated with me. Return often and comment, dammit. Join the party.